What You Seek Is Seeking You!

It’s Time For You To Become Wealthy
In All Areas Of Your Life!

Join Us In The Inner Circle And Be The Hero Of Your Own Story!

We Began The Journey With 10 Guys On Sunday, Feb 5, 2023

(10 Spots Available – We Are Full)

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The man who loves walking will walk further than the man who loves the destination. When you love the journey, the goals just happen. You hit milestones as a side effect. What does that look like? Sucking at something, bailing, getting better, learning, starting a new journey, starting over, doing it again. When you fall in love with the journey… everything else takes care of itself.
Sal Di Stefano

The Inner Circle exists to create CONNECTION …. with other committed men on a shared journey to reclaim their higher self and actualize their full potential.

Becoming a “new version” of yourself is uncomfortable. But, the growth you seek is available to you in that uncomfortable (unfamiliar) space. And, WHO you choose to spend your time with WILL directly impact your ability to elevate and live your best life.

The Inner Circle is NOT for men that “kind of” want change in their life. It is for committed conscious creators that are ready to lean in and BECOME the creators of their own reality!

If you are ready to step up and truly have it all in life … we’ve been waiting for you to show up … and we would be honored to share this journey with you!


The vision of the “perfect life” you seek is available to you right now.

However, the life you are currently living is likely being run by an old operating system.
One that is wired in the “familiar”, limited by your beliefs and impacted by your inaction.

What got you here … is not going to get you to your next level.

You get to become an Extremely Conscious Man.

And the path to becoming an Extremely Conscious Man is paved by how YOU take ownership of your current reality and surrender to the infinite possibilities that exist (once you believe them to be true).

YOU are blessed
beyond measure!

YOU are powerful
beyond belief!

YOU are worthy
of having it all in life!

And who you choose to surround yourself with
will dictate your future growth potential.


Men that are fully committed to creating lasting change in their life

Men that are seeking alignment with their vision & purpose in the world

Men that are looking to find more fulfillment & happiness in everyday life

Men that are desiring a deeper connection to their true, authentic self and others

Men that are ready to lead their life from a truly heart-centered place of integrity


Men that are NOT accountable to their word and looking to escape their lives

Men that are NOT ready to drop their armor at the door and face their truth

Men that are NOT willing to lean into vulnerable, honest conversations

Men that are NOT open to stretching their beliefs and physical limits

Men that are thinking there is a “magic bullet” to actualize the life they desire




To be clear … the INNER CIRCLE is about YOU!

It exists to support YOUR evolution and expansion.

It exists to support YOUR relationship growth.

It exists to support YOUR physical growth.

It exists to support YOUR business / career growth.

It exists to support YOUR spiritual growth.

But, just to be clear…

The dreams you aspire to turn into reality are amplified by the COLLECTIVE.

It’s why we created the INNER CIRCLE.

As each of us invest & grow…we ALL become wealthy!

The vision of the world we all desire to live in (and want to leave for those we love) is available for us to create together right now.

We need YOU to SHOW UP!

And ask for SUPPORT where you need it so we can all lift you up!

We need YOU to bring your GIFTS!

And provide SUPPORT to others in areas of your life where you’ve attained mastery!

We need EVERYONE in the INNER CIRCLE to bring their focused, committed effort to rise together!

The INNER CIRCLE exists to AMPLIFY the impact we are all destined to create … IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE!


The change you desire in life is available to you RIGHT NOW!  But, it won’t be handed to you.  You won’t “manifest” it in your meditation.  It requires you to SHOW UP and lean into the uncomfortable. It requires you to BECOME the higher version of yourself that already knows the answer and embodies the micro-actions required to actualize your full potential.  There are no “skipping steps”. Everything you desire is on the other side of your discomfort.  The question is … will you BELIEVE it before you EXPERIENCE it? And, will you turn your “good intentions” into WAYS OF BEING that align with your higher self?

Join Us On
The Journey

When you join the INNER CIRCLE you are a part of a brotherhood where your word is your bond. And, everyone will be held to the same standard. You’ll make commitments to yourself (and the rest of the fellas) and you’ll always show up with integrity, honesty and vulnerability.

The INNER CIRCLE exists to provide you a space to lean in and FINALLY become the man that you are destined to become! It also exists to ELEVATE you to levels that you would not be able to attain on your own (in your business and personal life). We will co-create this container that will accelerate your growth … and the initial launch of the INNER CIRCLE is going to roll out like this…

Monthly Life Assessment

(12 Pillars of Wealth – see below)

Commitment Calls (1-on-1)

Monthly x 30 mins

Gathering Calls (all the guys)

Monthly x 90 mins

POD Calls (5 guys) + Accountability Partners

Monthly x 90 mins

LIVE Weekly Breathwork Sessions

15 Minute Sessions

Private Community Chat

(Daily / Weekly Checkin)

Exclusive Access To Our LIVE Podcast Show (coming soon!)

Participate & ask guests questions

And more to come!

(life quiz, habit tracker, journal)

This thing we call life is a “game” that is meant to be PLAYED WITH PASSION … and you are the hero of the story! Join us on THE JOURNEY and become a man committed to constant growth!

* Scheduling for all calls will be co-created with the guys in the INNER CIRCLE to ensure the dates/times are optimized for everyone’s schedule! Please note the monthly time commitment for calls is 5 hours / month. This space exists to help you EXPAND time … not steal it away from you! 🙂




The truth is, there is no one right way to “be a man”. We are all on a unique journey that is divinely timed and perfectly imperfect. That said, there are foundational “pillars of wealth” that make up what it means to truly “have it all” in life. And you CAN be the conscious creator of a reality where you show up with integrity and committed action to actualize your full potential.

The 12 Pillars Of Wealth represent a framework for living a life of meaning, purpose & ultimate fulfillment. And the truth is, each of these pillars are connected.

Which is why it’s important to understand the season you are in, start with micro-actions and fully commit to building the habits (and eventual ways of being) that will allow you to expand time and “have it all”.


12 Pillars

Of wealth


partner | family | influence circle

You get to create growth in your relationships that empowers you to truly show up present, connected and the embodiment of love in your romantic relationship, with your family & kids and wishing your circle of influence.


health | nutrition | FITNESS

You get to create growth in your physical body that empowers you to turn your “good intentions” to take care of yourself into “focused, committed action” towards being your greatest self in mind, body & spirit


connection | reflection | expansion

You get to create growth in your spiritual ascension that empowers you to slow down, discover your true, authentic self and acknowledge the reality that when you follow your heart and trust your intuition, you are powerful beyond measure.


alignment | community | abundance

You get to create growth in your business that empowers you to take daily imperfect action that inspires and influences others to create infinite possibilities and abundance (financially & mentally) for yourself and everyone you show up in service to.


When will we begin this journey together?

Trevor & Mike will book 1:1 calls with all the guys before the end of January 2023. This will be your “Commitment” call where we will guide you through a series of reflection questions, you will declare your intention & commitments over the next month and we will provide you with a structure (and tools) to consistently build daily practices that will become “ways of being” that will help you actualize your full potential and create your dream reality!

When are the group calls going to be?

The first group call will be on Sunday, January 15, 2023 (and the first Sunday of every month after). This is when we will ALL come together to begin the journey. We will also coordinate a monthly POD call where you’ll meet with 4 of your brothers.

How can the INNER CIRCLE support your growth beyond what you can do on your own?

We get it … you’ve likely operated as a LONE WOLF for many years… but deep down you desire a WOLF PACK. But not just ANY wolf pack …. You want an ELITE wolf pack. One that will lift you up and push you beyond what you think is possible. If you want to go fast (and burn out) … go alone. If you want to go far (and thrive) … go together!

*The INNER CIRCLE is sacred. We are NOT going to let just anyone in. You can be assured that when you join, you’ll be surrounded by guys you want to spend time with, invest with and grow with!

The Creators

As fathers to 2 young boys each, Mike & Trevor know that they are modeling what it means to “be a man” in today’s world. They are committed to constantly evolving their mind, body and spirit to create a more beautiful world that they want to live in and leave for their kids. When they first met, they were seeking “higher vibe” conversations. Real conversations that would help them accelerate their expansion beyond what they could accomplish on their own.

Together, they created a friendship that fulfilled their desire to live life to its fullest while taking personal responsibility for how they show up in this world. The Extremely Conscious Man Movement was built because they craved it.

And, now they are calling YOU in to be a part of a INNER CIRCLE that will provide the space and support for you to become the man you are truly meant to be.

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