The truth is, there is no one right way to “be a man” or “a dad”. We are all on a unique journey that is divinely timed and perfectly imperfect. That said, there are foundational “pillars of wealth” that make up what it means to truly “have it all” in life. And you CAN be the conscious creator of a reality where you show up with integrity and committed action to actualize your full potential.

The 5 Pillars Of Wealth represent a framework for living a life of meaning, purpose & ultimate fulfillment. And the truth is, each of these pillars are connected. Which is why it’s important to understand the season you are in, start with micro-actions and fully commit to building the habits (and eventual ways of being) that will allow you to expand time and “have it all”.


5 Pillars

Of wealth

partner | family | Social


You get to create growth in your relationships where you truly show up present, connected and the embodiment of love with your partner, kids, family and circle of influence.


You get to create growth in your physical body where you turn your “good intentions” to take care of yourself into “focused, committed action” towards being your greatest self in mind, body & spirit.

health | nutrition | FITNESS

connection | reflection | expansion


You get to create growth in your spiritual ascension where you “slow down”, rediscover your true, authentic self and acknowledge the reality that when you follow your heart and trust your intuition, you are powerful beyond measure.


You get to create growth in your financial reality where you are in resonance with and an attractor to money. If you want to manifest money, you CANNOT believe that money is a power source

career | business | investments

cognitive | emotional | behavioral


You get to create growth in your mental strength by aligning your thoughts and feelings with your actions. Remember … if you change the way you look at things … the things you look at change!

The First Step Is Up To You…

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This thing we call life is a “game” that is meant to be PLAYED WITH PASSION and you are the hero of the story. There are 5 pillars of wealth that define how “rich” a man is.  And, there is always room for growth! Take The Extremely Conscious Man Life Quiz to discover where you are excelling (or failing) in how you show up every single day and how you can become a man of integrity that leads by example and truly “has it all” in life!