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Perhaps you have been forced into this change you seek due to circumstances that may seem beyond your control (ie. a breakdown of some type in your health, relationships, finances, etc.) Or perhaps you are a high-achieving man that is committed to constant growth and you are looking for a framework to follow and a community to join in the adventure of life.

Committing to becoming Extremely Conscious about how you show up as a man in the world and the reality you shape holds profound significance. If you are in your 30’s to 50’s, this pivotal phase of life offers an opportune moment for self-reflection and intentional transformation.

Why You Should Be There

This by-invitation virtual gathering call is hosted exclusively for men that are committed to being a “better version” of themselves so they can actualize their full potential, live their best life and truly “have it all”.

The place to begin building any relationship is inside ourselves, inside our circle of influence, our own character
Stephen Covey

The men we invite to these calls know that who you choose to spend your time with directly impacts the growth potential (or lack thereof) in your life.

The sole purpose of these virtual gathering calls is to provide a space for you to connect with like-minded men on a similar life journey to facilitate real, meaningful conversations and deep connection with other men that are seeking evolution and growth in all areas of life. (Business, Relationships, Physical & Spiritual)

When Trevor & Mike met each other on the street in West Kelowna, BC, Canada pushing double wide strollers with 2 young boys each … they didn’t know it … but they were looking for each other. Another man that they could connect with and have conversations that went deeper than what was happening in the sports world over beers. They were seeking higher vibe conversations. Real conversations that would help them expand their beliefs and accelerate their growth beyond what they could accomplish on their own.

As fathers to 2 young boys, Mike & Trevor know that they are modeling what it means to “be a man” in today’s world. And, they are committed to constantly evolving their mind, body and spirit to create a more beautiful world that they want to live in and leave for their kids. And, they know they can’t do it alone.

This is why they created The Better Man Gathering. Because, “secretly” every man is seeking this level of connection and conversation … they are just nervous to say it out loud and don’t know where to find it! (until now)

Who Are
Trevor & Mike?
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together
African Proverb

What To Expect On These Free Virtual Calls?

Because Trevor & Mike intimately understand the value of deep, meaningful conversations and know how valuable everyone’s time is, their role as your hosts is to guard the door and ensure that only committed men of integrity are invited into the room. Once you’re there, they will hold the space so you and the other participants get to connect in a way that very few men ever get to experience.

The 90 minutes we set aside for this gathering will feel like a fraction of that time because the conversations we have will be engaging, authentic & heart-centered and the new relationships you’ll create will be valuable beyond measure.

Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.
Brene Brown

To be clear, this is NOT a coaching/mentoring call. No one is going to tell you that your beliefs are wrong. No one is going to judge you for what you share. And, no one will offer you any advice to “fix you”.

That’s not what these virtual gathering calls are for. They are a sacred space to connect on a deeper level than you currently have access to in your everyday life. They are the conversations you are “secretly” desiring to have. And, you will find that everyone on the call will be on a similar (yet different) journey as you.

And to be clear, these calls are limited to 6 people and we won’t be telling you who will be attending the call with you… and there is a reason for this. 🙂 You get to meet these incredible men for exactly who they are (and how they choose to show up on the call) … not for the “title” they have in their job/business or the wealth they’ve accumulated (or lack thereof) or the relationship they have with their partner & kids (or lack thereof) or the shape they are in physically (or lack thereof).

There is not a single person that has entered our Gathering room and thought “that was a waste of time”. Quite the opposite. We’ve seen lives transformed by simply being in the room and listening to all of the men share what’s alive and real for them right now in their life … and realize … they are not alone.

What’s Expected Of You?
All we ask is that you show up ready to share “what’s alive and real” for you in your life right now. The deeper you go with your share, the more growth that is available to you! (And when we say “show up” …. We mean it figuratively and literally. If you make a commitment to be there…then be there…no excuses. Everyone has busy lives. Block off the time and be fully present. The Better Man Gatherings are limited to 6 people per call and if you no-show…you are robbing someone else of the opportunity to be there.) And, don’t sweat the details, we’ll set the context for the conversation (and lead the discussion) when we begin so you understand what we are asking you to contribute. Think of it like a meetup with buddies at the local pub or hanging out in the locker room after the game with the boys. Only thing is … we won’t be talking about sports … we’ll be talking about the REAL SH*T you are navigating in your life right now. The good, the challenging and everything in between!

I was really missing connection with other men. I grew up playing sports and have always thrown myself into different immersions. I love the energy of hanging out with other like-minded guys where I can learn something new about myself and grow as a man. To all those guys out there that have second guessed coming into a space like this, I say do like me and say “hell yes” … it’s an amazing opportunity and everyone fits.

– Brett Barker
What Past Participants Are Saying

Our purpose is expansion and it matters to me to let go of those old versions of myself. If we don’t consciously look at that old version and choose a different version of who we are becoming, we’ll repeat similar patterns, thought processes and outcomes in our lives. Anybody who’s feeling stuck and ready to level themselves up and let go of an old version would really benefit from an experience like this.

– Nima Rahmany

I play a lot of sports, but the inner work is actually harder than lifting heavy things. This work has taught me the importance of physical, mental and spiritual balance. We are always expanding and growing. But, when expansion stops, that’s when death begins. So, I want to make sure that I am always evolving.

– Taylor Coulthard

It gave me an opportunity to find some individuals who are going through similar things in life and are willing to be open about how we talk about it, how we deal with it and even tools and methods we can put in our backpack to carry on and move forward with a higher sense of purpose and how to deal and manage those feelings. It was exactly what I needed and I’m very thankful for the experience.

– Craig Garden

Hearing everyone’s stories and what they’ve gone through in life, it really makes you want to open up as well. Which is a huge thing. I dug deep. Things that I don’t really think about and push down. The connection that you make with everyone by having deep, meaningful conversations … it’s just phenomenal.

– Castillo Salvador

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