Costa Rica Experience

A 5 Day IN-PERSON Event For Men Committed To Actualizing Their Full Potential & Truly Living Their Best Life! (Limited to 20 Incredible Men)

Includes Free Access To THE JOURNEY So We Can Begin “The Work” Together Before You Arrive At This Life Changing Event

February 20-24, 2023 – Potrero, Costa Rica
Join us for a week of connection, reflection & adventure

For Elevated Men Committed To Constant Growth

If you’re feeling the call to connect IN PERSON with a group of men committed to actualizing their full potential, leading from the heart, anchoring their commitments and truly living their best life….this experience is for you!

5 days (4 nights) | All-Inclusive | Peak Adventures | Real Conversations













Your Hosts

Mike Prince & Trevor Turnbull

Mike Prince is a husband (to Julie), father of 2 young boys (Atlas & Noah) and the founder of The Conscious Creator Podcast & co-founder of The Extremely Conscious Man Project.

Trevor Turnbull is a husband (to Sharmila), father to 2 young boys (Logan & Bodhi) and the founder of The Trevor Turnbull Show & co-founder of The Extremely Conscious Man Project.

They first connected as “Dads” pushing double wide strollers on the streets of Glenrosa (West Kelowna).  And their friendship has evolved to one that is rooted in committed action to be greater versions of themselves every single day.

Join Us From February 20 - 24th For A Life-Changing Adventure!








The adventure will begin when you land in beautiful Costa Rica where you’ll be greeted with a cerveza (or beverage of your choice) as we head to our beautiful mansion. Then get ready to immerse yourself in an amazing week that you will never forget with a group of brothers ready to lean in and live life to it’s fullest! By the time we check out on Friday, your heart will be full and you will be inspired to achieve the greatness that already exists within you!

THE VISION (Why did we create this experience?)

 Want the “detailed” breakdown of why we are doing this retreat? (watch the video above – recorded in April 2022).  To summarize…we are committed to being a part of the positive change we wish to see in the world.  And, we know that to create that change, we need to lead by example and align ourselves with other men committed to actualizing their full potential & embodying higher self.  The world needs more men to step up and lead from the front.  And, we would be honored to share this journey with you and call you our brother!

What Can You Expect?


You are not NOT going to come to Costa Rica without riding the perfect waves of the Guanacaste coast!  It’s truly a magical experience!


From the moment you step off the plane, you will be awe-struck by the beauty of Costa Rica.  And just wait till you see what we have planned!


We can’t tell you everything we are going to be doing. 🙂 But, trust us when we say that it will stretch your limits and support your ascension!


Why is this important? It can be summed up by one phrase…”If you want to go FAST, go alone.  If you want to go FAR, go together”


Want to feel TRULY alive!? There is no better way then to challenge yourself with an icy cold plunge! Even better…do it in the Costa Rica jungle!


Our body is our temple! What we put into our bodies will serve us to live the life we desire! You can expect some epic, locally sourced food!

Not Sure If The Extremely Conscious Man Experience Is Right For You?

The truth is, this event is NOT for everyone. And, we’d like to help you make an informed decision … so you can be honest with yourself and truly commit to The Experience (and The Journey) all of the men are going to lean into before, during and after the event.

Who Is This Experience For?

Men that are fully committed to creating lasting change in their life

Men that are looking to find more fulfillment & happiness in everyday life

Men that are seeking alignment with their vision & purpose in the world

Men that are desiring a deeper connection to their true, authentic self

Men that are ready to lead their life from a truly heart-centered place in integrity

Who Is This Experience NOT For?

Men that are NOT accountable to their word and looking to escape their lives

Men that are NOT ready to drop their armor at the door and be honest

Men that are NOT willing to lean into vulnerable, honest conversations

Men that are NOT open to stretching their beliefs and physical limits

Men that are thinking this is an all-inclusive, keg stand drunk fest

Rancho Haas is an impressive beach mansion, framed in a space of natural beauty, forest gardens and fruit trees. We are mins from the incredible Potrero Beach and 45 mins from Tamarindo. The property includes a pool / cold plunge, gym, mango trees, basketball court & soccer field

WE ARE 45 mins from the Liberia, CostA Rica airport (we’ll coordinate all transportation)

Are You Ready To Step Into The Next Level Of You?
Apply Now And Lock In Your Spot ($1000 Deposit)

Pricing ranges between $3500 USD – $6000 USD – depending on private vs shared room and bed size
(Room selection will be available on a first come first serve basis … so apply now!)
There is also an option for “local” attendees who want to attend The Experience (but not stay in the house)

BONUS: When you lock in your spot for THE EXPERIENCE you will also be included in THE JOURNEY ($1500 value) so we can all begin “the work” together before we arrive in Costa Rica.

Click the link below to apply so we can understand what you are committed to creating in your life (limited to 20 men)
If you’d like to contact us with questions before applying, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to bring with you?

This is an all-inclusive retreat (we’ll even provide the suntan lotion!). You don’t need to bring any food or drinks with you (unless you really want to). As far as what to pack … make sure to bring toiletries, shorts, tshirts, workout clothes, good sandles, runners, sunglasses, hat … the usual “tropical destination” attire. Oh, and don’t forget to show up with an open-mind/open-heart and an excitement for adventure!

What is the temperature / climate like in Costa Rica in February?

Average temps this time of year are between 25C-30C (76F-86F) at night & 30C – 35C (86F-94F) during the day. Yes … it is HOT in Costa Rica! 🙂

Will you get to choose the bed you are sleeping in?

Yes! Everyone will have their own bed. There are varying price points (from $3500 – $6000 USD) depending on whether your room is private or shared and the size of the bed. Selection for beds will be provided based on first come first serve … in other words … get your deposit in ASAP if you want the best room! 🙂

Will there be transportation provided to/from the airport and during the week?

There will be a shuttle to pick you up and take you to mansion we are staying in. And, we’ll have golf carts for closer transport all week (to the beach, etc) and farther adventures

When do you need to be here and leave by?

Check-in will be from 4pm on Feb.20th and check-out at noon on the 24th. Of course, you can arrive earlier and stay later if you wish. We will be coordinating a shuttle to and from the airport for everyone so we’ll be in touch with you to book the best flight times possible for everyone.

What kind of experiences do we have planned for you?

There will be experiences that challenge and stretch your physical and emotional boundaries. As the goal is to embrace getting outside our comfort zones and encourage growth in all areas of our lives. We will release teasers of some of the activites as we get closer but others will be revealed throughout the trip. Expect peak experiences/adventures, amazing food, daily meditation/breathwork/reflections…and a few surprises along the way!

What do we expect from you?

Commitment to yourself, the group and the process. Trust and confidence amongst the group as we create a safe container together.

What kind of food should you expect to be eating?

Nutritious and delicious! The whole trip will be catered with each dinner being a unique experience made by a private chef. Meals and snacks will be provided to keep everyone fueled throughout each day. Let us know if you have any dietary requirements and we will accommodate.

Will we partake in any "mind altering" experiences?

We will not be introducing any psychadelics this trip or any other mind altering substances. However, we will be doing breathwork experiences and these are different for everyone and can certainly invoke visuals and other strong emotional feelings. The end result for most regardless of what is experienced during the session is a new found sense of love for oneself and connection to the world. This will be professionally facilited.

Will all drinks be provided for you?

We will be fully stocked with your favorite alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages at the house. Drinks outside of the house (when we eat at local restaurants) will not be included.

Can you decide what kind of room/bed you're sleeping in?

Yes. Everyone will receive their own bed with the base level price but if you enjoy privacy or a larger bed/sleeping area then we have options to accommodate for a range in price.

Do you have to participate in every activity we have planned?

We strongly encourage that you participate in every activity we have planned. A major part of nurturing human growth is surrendering to each stage even if it is outside of your comfort zone. We are there to support throughout the whole journey.

What do you need for travel insurance?

It is always strongly encouraged to get your own travel insurance while on any travel out of your home country. We will be doing some activities that involve risk as well so it is better to be on the safe side.

What if your family wants to come?

As this is an immersive experience to be focused on YOUR personal growth, it is recommended that you stay within the group for the 5 days. Of course, if your family would like to come to Costa Rica and you come early or extend to create memories with them around the retreat then that is a great option.

Who is going to be attending (what type of guys)?

All of the guys that we attract to our events are exceptional human beings. They are “high achievers” by typical societal standards. And, they are constantly seeking opportunities to grow and evolve.

Is the flight included in the cost of the The Experience?

The flight from your home country, if required; is not included in the cost of this experience. This will be your responsibility to book according to the dates of the trip at your own cost.

When do you have to pay the full balance (after submitting your deposit)?

The initial $1000 USD deposit locks in your spot. You then need to choose your room and pay in full by December 15, 2022. (If you need more time to pay we can discuss this and come up with payment terms that work for you!)

Is there a refund policy if something arises and you cannot make the trip?

The initial $1,000 deposit is non-refundable. Once final payment is made you can cancel up to 30 days prior to the event with a full refund (minus $1k deposit). If within 30 days we apologize but we cannot refund as it does not give us appropriate time to find another amazing human to take your spot. However, you can use that $1000 credit for a future event.

What happens if "the world/travel shuts down" again?
As the future is always “unknown”, we do have certain plans in place just in case and credits for a future event or refunds would be provided without question in the case of travel being shut down again.
Is it going to be a problem if you are not vaccinated?

The world has opened up and there are currently no travel restriction to enter Costa Rica from any country.  As we all know, however, things can change.  So, use this link to stay up to date on what’s happening in Canada (here) and US (here).

For arriving in Costa Rica, the travel requirements are here.


The June 2022 retreat is in the past…and it was amazing.  Everything we envisioned and so much more!  In the video above, you’ll relive the life changing weekend when 10 men’s lives changed forever. And, in the videos below, you’ll hear from Mike & Trevor as well as the guys that bravely joined a group of strangers for a weekend to become better versions of themselves … and what they took back into their lives leaving the retreat.

If you are inspired by what you hear…make sure to apply above and lock in your spot for our next Extremely Conscious Man Experience!