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DRIVEN DADS Become EXTRAordinary In The

It’s Time For You To…

REDEFINE who you are and how you show up in the world

Ordinary Is The Enemy … EXTRAordinary Is The Standard

You did not end up here
by accident.

Perhaps you are unhappy (or unfulfilled) in your current reality.

Or, life is good … but you are actively seeking more growth.

In your relationship quality.

In your physical wellness.

In your business growth.

In your spiritual acension

Let’s be clear.

You are not “broken”

You are not experiencing
a “mid-life crisis”


You are finally waking up and realizing that your time in this body and on this planet is finite.

And whether you believe it or not …

everything you’ve experienced in your life has been a blessing (even the painful moments)

You are truly blessed
beyond measure.

And, you have the power to be the conscious creator of everything you desire in life.

That said … you are likely not living up to your full potential.

I know that’s not easy to hear. In fact it might trigger you.

But, deep down inside that “unsettled” feeling you have is because you know you are meant to be, do and have so much more.

Your partner, family and circle of influence need you to step up and lead by example.


With integrity, authenticity and vulnerability.

We are looking for Dads that are seeking conversations, connection & growth with other like-minded, motivated men on a similar path.

Men that are ready to actualize their full potential by surrendering to their current reality and owning their truth … so they can truly embody what it means to “have it all”.

  • Deep Connection In Your Relationships
  • Limitless Abundance In Your Business / Career
  • True Vitality In Your Physical Wellness
  • Rapid Ascension In Your Personal Spiritual Journey

You get to believe that “selfishly” feeding your soul, taking care of yourself and following your heart is the most “selfless” thing you can do for those you love.

Trust yourself. You deserve to be the man that people speak about with admiration, respect and love when you leave this physical world.

But, more importantly, you get to be the man that is truly present, forgiving and loving to others (and yourself) in every moment … right now!

It’s time for you to truly live your best life.

Your dreams matter. You matter.

We are grateful that you are here.

The First Step Is Up To You…

Are You Ready To Turn Your Good “Intentions” 
Into Real, Lasting CHANGE In Your Life? 

The Better Man Community is a free, PRIVATE Facebook group for men that are committed to
becoming a “better” version of themselves so they can actualize their full potential,
live their best life and truly “have it all”.

This community exists to provide a space for you to connect with like-minded men on a similar life journey, facilitate real meaningful conversations and create deep connection with other men that are seeking evolution and growth in all areas of life. (Business, Relationships, Physical & Spiritual)

Join Us inside the
Better Man community

the simple guide to extreme change

The Guide

Tired of “talking” about the life you want to live? Ready to do something about it? The “change” you desire is available to you RIGHT NOW! Everything you need to get started is in this free 59 page guide.

Extremely Conscious

The Circle

An online private space for committed men to create extreme change in their lives, actualize their full potential & lead by example! Upgrade your friend circle and commit to your growth today!

Extremely Conscious

The Accelerator

90 Days To Extreme Change! The Accelerator is an experiential investment circle for men committed to becoming wealthy in all areas of life! This is for men ready to go deep and evolve!

Extremely Conscious

The Experience

There is something magical that happens when you connect in person with a group of men committed to actualizing their full potential and living their best life.  THE EXPERIENCE will change your life!



What does it mean to be an
“Extremely Conscious Man”?

 When we think of the word EXTREME we envision…“jumping out of airplanes”, “hustling from one life goal to the next” and “burning the candle at both ends”. And, while the Extremely Conscious Man is one that seeks adventure, peak experiences and high performance … he also knows that if he does not “slow down” and enjoy the ride, he will miss out on all the beauty that this life has to offer him.

An Extremely Conscious Man

is not satisfied with “ordinary” or “average”

In fact, it is what he fears most!

An Extremely Conscious Man

is committed to relationship growth

  • He is more present & romantic with his partner
  • He is more present & engaged with his kids
  • He is more present & contributing to his circle of influence

An Extremely Conscious Man

is committed to
physical growth

  • He prioritizes his health & self care
  • He prioritizes his nutrition to fuel his body
  • He prioritizes his fitness to strengthen his body

An Extremely Conscious Man

is committed to
business growth

  • He knows that by aligning with his true, authentic self he creates ultimate freedom in his life
  • He knows that by following his hearts desire he positively impacts & influences others around him
  • He knows that by building an abundant mindset he creates infinite wealth potential for all

An Extremely Conscious Man

is committed to
spiritual growth

  • He believes that when he slows down he can exponentially speed up
  • He believes that when he reflects on his thoughts he unlocks unlimited possibilities
  • He believes that when he challenges his beliefs he elevates to his higher self

Extremely Conscious Man is…

















stories & reflections



As fathers to 2 young boys each, Mike & Trevor know that they are modelling what it means to “be a man” in today’s world. They are committed to constantly evolving their mind, body and spirit to create a more beautiful world that they want to live in and leave for their kids. When they first met, they were seeking “higher vibe” conversations. Real conversations that would help them accelerate their expansion beyond what they could accomplish on their own.

Together, they created a friendship that fueled their desire to connect with like-minded men who take personal responsibility for how they show up in this world. The Extremely Conscious Man Movement was built because they craved it. And, now they are inviting YOU to discover what they’ve learned (mostly through pain and making a LOT of mistakes 🙂 to become the man you are truly meant to be.



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Are You An Extremely Conscious Dad?

What You Measure You Can Improve!

This thing we call life is a “game” that is meant to be PLAYED WITH PASSION and you are the hero of the story. There are 5 pillars of wealth that define how “rich” a man is.  And, there is always room for growth! Take The Extremely Conscious Dad Scorecard quiz to discover where you are excelling (or failing) in how you show up every single day and how you can become a man of integrity that leads by example and truly “has it all” in life!

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